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2020 - the year your experience with alarm systems changes for the better. 

At Smart Alarm Shop, we have reinvented the way you plan, buy and maintain your alarm systems.

We believe you, the consumer, should have full ownership and control of your alarm - all from your smart phone.

Say goodbye to sales scams, invasive home surveys, high monthly fees and locked-down systems.

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Before Smart Alarm Shop, you had two approaches for a professionally designed alarm system: both tied to costly contracts.

Let's evaluate a typical 3 bed detached house, which would generally require:

  • 2 motion cameras
  • 5 shock sensors for doors and windows
  • A loud external siren
  • Smart phone control

Modern Subscription Package - these offer a cheap upfront cost but a high monthly cost. These systems are often leased and leave you vulnerable to high annual price rises as well as the potential of the supplier reclaiming the equipment if you leave.

A traditional wireless alarm + 2 cameras professionally installed. Here we see the high annual service costs soon add up. Companies often lock down functionality meaning you must pay to change your settings as your needs evolve. Want to change maintenance company? You'll often have to have your alarm reprogrammed.

Smart Alarm Shop - with 0% finance available, we are offering professional kit specified by qualified engineers, paired with an installation portal for you to install yourself. Replace your own batteries or utilise our fleet of nationwide engineers to look after your systems.

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