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Ajax Kit 3 - Office with Keypad

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A My Smart Alarm kit puts the mobile phone at the heart of the alarm system, providing notifications to any family members away from the property and enabling family to fully control the system remotely. 


1x Hub

2x MotionProtect PIR

1x DoorProtect

1x Keypad

1x HomeSiren

1x StreetSiren

- A hub to connect to your internet router, enabling you to setup and control your alarm using a mobile app.

- 2 MotionProtect motion sensors, allowing you to defend 2 rooms against movement. These are pet friendly sensors - ignoring dogs and cats up to a weight of 20kg or a height of 50cm.

- 1 DoorProtect door sensor, allowing you to defend your main door against unauthorised entry.

- 1 Keypad, allowing lots of users to control the alarm system from within the property. Allows for easy arming, disarming of your alarm system. Includes a silent or audible panic function, enabling you to send a panic notification to the phone of any users of your alarm system.

- 1 Streetsiren, emitting a loud noise to the street in the event of an intrusion. Includes a bright light, to identify your house as the one with trouble.

- 1 HomeSiren, a more discrete siren for inside the house. Designed to blend in, but provide a loud noise in the event of intrusion.